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NSSPASA is a non-profit, educational organization (501(c)(3)).
As a member, you will get the following benefits:
  * Receive a monthly subscription to the nationally-distributed Moon Miner's Manifesto
  * Monthly meetings
  * Invitations to special events
  * On-line updates
  * Work with other space activists to create a spacefaring civilization,
    beginning with the tri-state region

Membership types --
Full membership: $25 annual dues will include benefits listed above plus a Membership Certificate. Officers must hold a "full membership" status.
Associate membership: Attendance based; dues waived. Must attend three meetings per year for voting privileges.
Donors: You will receive a Certificate of Appreciation.
Send your name and address along with your check or money order (no credit cards), payable to NSSPASA, to our mailing address:

928 Clinton St. #6
Phila., PA 19107